Equine Bowen Therapy

The performance horse today are put under increased pressure in order to achieve their maximum potential, thus causing frequent injuries and aches and pains, which is likely to impede performance.
Horses can injure their backs by getting cast, pulling back when tied up, slipping on tarmac or icy roads, poorly fitting equipment (saddles / rugs).

Equine Bowen Therapy treatment - Bowen Therapy for HorsesWhat can the Equine Bowen Technique be used for?

Typical areas that may respond well to Equine Bowen Therapy include:
Muscle Spasm Uncharacteristic change in temperament
Muscle Atrophy or uneven development Sluggish Lymphatic or Immune System
Disunited Gait or Irregular Action Unlevelness
Uneven wear of shoes Cold or Sore Back
Stiffness on one rein Respiratory Problems
Weakened Immune System  
Deterioration in performance

Often 2 – 3 treatments are required at weekly intervals to achieve lasting relief.
Equine Bowen Therapy is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice or treatment. If in doubt please consult your veterinary surgeon.

What does the Equine Bowen treatment involve?

A consultation will normally last around an hour, although the hands-on treatment itself will normally take around 45 minutes. During which time I will be looking at the horse’s static and dynamic conformation. Before the treatment begins I will require you to gain veterinary permission, and I will ask you a series of questions about the horse to help build a clear picture. This information will then help monitor changes that have taken place between treatments and how the horse is progressing.
In addition to helping horses the Bowen Technique often treats the horse and rider as a whole.

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