Other Bowen Treatments

In addition to humans, Bowen Therapy has been used successfully with horses and dogs. For more information on our canine and equine bowen therapy treatments, simply click the relevant section below.

Canine Bowen Therapy

Canine Bowen Therapy - Mitch receiving treatment

A consultation will normally last around 45 minutes, although the hands-on treatment itself will not usually take longer than 20 minutes.

During this time I will assess the dog, looking at both the static and dynamic conformation taking into account any difficulties there may be to keep in mind during treatment.

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Equine Bowen Therapy

Equine Bowen Therapy - Lucy giving treatment

Horses can injure their backs by getting cast, pulling back when tied up, slipping on tarmac or icy roads, poorly fitting equipment (saddles / rugs).

In addition to helping horses, The Bowen Technique often treats the horse and rider as a whole. Bowen therapy offers a remedy for a wide range of equine conditions.

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